5 Signs That You Need Roof Repair

5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

These Signs Indicate You Need Roof Repair.

In order to keep our home’s roofs in good condition, it is essential to get repairs when they are needed. But what are signs that you need roof repair on your home’s roof? Below are five signs that you could use roof repairs.

Roof Leaks

You may notice that your ceiling or wall has water stains on them, but leaks can appear in other places, as well. The attic is also susceptible to leaks, so checking there is a great idea.

Sagging Roof

Yes, there are slopes to our roof, but along the edge of the roof, it should appear straight. If it looks a little off or sagging, you need to call a licensed roofer to look at it.

Outside Light In Attic

When you check your attic for leaking, you can also inspect areas of your attic to see if any light is coming in. Sunlight that you can visibly see through the ceiling of your attic is a problem and should be addressed immediately.

Gutter Issues

Are your gutters sagging? Are your gutters clogged? While gutters aren’t your roof, they play an important role in the functionality of your roof. When gutters become clogged or have other issues, it’s a pretty good guess that your roof might have problems, also.

Damaged Exterior Walls

This usually applies to exterior walls that are painted, but if the paint on your outside walls is peeling, call for a roof inspection to see if your roof is in good condition. Peeling paint can be a sign that the roof has damages that are causing rain water to peel the paint on the exterior walls.

These are common signs that you need roof repair, but if you are unsure if you need roof repair in Knoxville, TN, call Burell Built Exteriors today at 865-238-2628.