Three Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray Foam Applies as a Liquid, and is also an Excellent Insulator.

Spray foam makes for a remarkable roofing material appropriate for both commercial and residential use. Though typically associated with industrial applications, spray foam also appears attractive for home use. The next time you need a new roof, consider these advantages of spray foam roofing.

Lower Bills

When it comes to a roofing investment, you can’t beat the return spray foam roofing generates on energy savings. Foam reflects UV radiation to keep your building cool throughout the summer, and acts as a premier insulator for the winter. This leads to less work for your heating and cooling system, and saves money on energy bills.


Closed-cell foam roofs present a seamless, unified defense against rainfall. Water simply has nowhere to go on the foam, so gets directed through roof drainage and away from the structure. Skilled installers of spray foam, such as those you’ll find at Burell Built Exteriors, can even apply the foam in such a way that directs water run-off.

Structural Integrity

Spray foam has several properties that make it an excellent choice for roofing. Since spray foam expands and contracts with the temperatures, it can better resist the changing seasons to provide years of durability. It also protects your structure from rainfall, high winds, and the punishing effects of the sun.

If you’d like to learn more about spray foam roofing, feel free to contact Burell Built Exteriors anytime at (865) 385-6926. We stand as the local leaders for spray foam roofing in Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN, and look forward to servicing your next project.

5 Signs That You Need Roof Repair

5 Signs You Need Roof Repair

These Signs Indicate You Need Roof Repair.

In order to keep our home’s roofs in good condition, it is essential to get repairs when they are needed. But what are signs that you need roof repair on your home’s roof? Below are five signs that you could use roof repairs.

Roof Leaks

You may notice that your ceiling or wall has water stains on them, but leaks can appear in other places, as well. The attic is also susceptible to leaks, so checking there is a great idea.

Sagging Roof

Yes, there are slopes to our roof, but along the edge of the roof, it should appear straight. If it looks a little off or sagging, you need to call a licensed roofer to look at it.

Outside Light In Attic

When you check your attic for leaking, you can also inspect areas of your attic to see if any light is coming in. Sunlight that you can visibly see through the ceiling of your attic is a problem and should be addressed immediately.

Gutter Issues

Are your gutters sagging? Are your gutters clogged? While gutters aren’t your roof, they play an important role in the functionality of your roof. When gutters become clogged or have other issues, it’s a pretty good guess that your roof might have problems, also.

Damaged Exterior Walls

This usually applies to exterior walls that are painted, but if the paint on your outside walls is peeling, call for a roof inspection to see if your roof is in good condition. Peeling paint can be a sign that the roof has damages that are causing rain water to peel the paint on the exterior walls.

These are common signs that you need roof repair, but if you are unsure if you need roof repair in Knoxville, TN, call Burell Built Exteriors today at (865) 385-6926.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

gutter maintenance

Clean Gutters Protect Your Home And Roof From Additional Damage When It Rains!

Here in Tennessee, we are subject to some pretty intense weather. From high winds to heavy rain, we get it all. While we always check for the most obvious damages, such as fallen branches and broken windows, when was the last time you took a good look at your roof? Everyone already knows that it is always a good idea  to look for roof damage after a storm passed through, so you can address small damages before they become large damages. Many people, however, seem to pass over their gutters! Your gutters are a vital part of keeping your roof protected, and today we have some tips on how to keep your gutters in top shape!

Clear Gutters Are Effective Gutters

After heavy rain or wind, make sure your gutters are clear of debris. Also, walk along the perimeter of your home, and watch out for signs of leaking or rusting on your gutters. There may be areas that are sagging, or appear loose. For any of those signs, it is a good idea to call a professional roofer for assistance. Leaving these problems unattended can lead to serious problems that could affect your whole roof!

If you, or your close neighbors, have trees in your yard, you likely have a significant amount of debris blown onto your roof. In order to protect your gutters from clogs, it is important to clear them of debris as soon as possible. For some gutters, you can look into systems that prevent debris from falling into your gutters at all! While you clean  your gutters, make sure you check and make sure that the spikes adhering your gutters to the roof and wall are still securely in place. If your gutters are securely attached, take the opportunity to flush your gutters with the garden hose, to remove any dirt or dust buildup.

If you need help with your gutters, or with your roofing needs, give us a call at (865) 385-6926 today and schedule your appointment! We’re local, experienced, and happy to help!


Signs You Need Shingle Roof Repair

asphalt shingles

You can trust our team for the expert repair and installation of shingle roofs.

Among all varieties of roofs, asphalt shingles stand as the most popular. When you consider the adaptability, versatility, and economy of asphalt shingles, it becomes easy to understand why. Most asphalt shingle roofs can last for around 20 years, a respectable lifespan when coupled with regular repair and maintenance.

To take the best care of your asphalt shingle roof, you’ll want to remain aware of its needs. Should you notice any of the following signs of repair for asphalt shingles in Knoxville, TN, contact Burrell Built Roofing today at (865) 385-6926.

Missing Shingles

The most obvious indicator that your shingle roof needs repair comes from missing shingles and bare spots. Often caused through storms or excess wind, this damage makes your roof more vulnerable in the future to water damage.

Missing Granules and Bare Spots

The granules on your shingles perform a valuable function. Without them, your shingles become more vulnerable to impacts and the elements, and can dry out from sun damage. Torrential downpours and inadequate rooftop drainage can lead to inadequately protected shingles. To check for signs of this damage, inspect your gutters for loose granules.

Curled Shingles

As your roof ages, your shingles will gradually begin to curl and separate from the roof. This can allow a point of entry for water, and generally makes your roof more susceptible to future damage. Excessive heat can also cause curling among your shingles.


Another problem wrought through age, buckling among your roof shingles makes them much more likely to get torn away. Problems with installation can also cause buckling, as it represents a lack of attachment to underlying layers.

If you’ve noticed one of more of the following signs, you’ll want to get your roof inspected today. For full inspection and repair services for your asphalt shingles in Knoxville, TN, call the experts at Burrell Built Roofing at (865) 385-6926


What to Look For in a Roof When Buying a Home

For help with your roof contact Burell Built Exteriors LLC

Make sure that the roof over your head is durable when you’re buying a home. Here are 4 things to consider before you buy:

Visual Inspection

Take a step back and inspect the roof from a distanc. Make sure that it’s laying flat, there are no worn spots, no missing shingles, no curled edges, and no mold or mildew. These typically mean that it’s an older roof. Asphalt is normal roofing material, but some roofs are made out of cedar shingles, rubber, metal, or tin. Anything other than asphalt will most likely require a yearly inspection.

Proper Ventilation

Even if the house has a brand new roof, if there isn’t a proper ventilation system,then you will have problems. Proper attic insulation and ventilation is pretty vital if you are buying a house. Without proper ventilation, your roof can become contorted. Proper ventilation also prevents melting and refreezing snow during the winter. Make sure that your home has a functional ventilation system.

Gutters and Drainage

You don’t actually need to get up on the roof and check it yourself, you can simply ask the homeowner about the gutters and drainage. When you are inspecting the gutters, it’s important to keep an eye out for a serious amount of asphalt shingle grains. This is what protects the shingles.


Roof leaks are a major hassle. They can cause some serious damage. A roof leak can damage floors, furniture, and ruin the walls completely. They are massive headaches and it’s hard to find where the leak is coming from. Even though you see the water coming down in a certain spot, The actual leak could actually be happening 8-10 feet away from the place where the water seems to be coming from.

You will want to be sure to ask the owner if they have ever experienced any roof leaks. Also take a look at the valleys and chimneys and any roof seams connecting additions because those are the most common occurring places for leaks to appear.


If you need roofing help in Knoxville or Chattanooga, TN then contact Burell Built LLC Exteriors at {nw_data field=phone} today!

Which Roofing Material Is Best for Me?

Roof ReplacementSo you’ve made up your mind! You want to get your roof replaced. So now the next step is to decide on the which roofing material is going to be the best for your property. There are many materials to choose from and can become a bit much if you aren’t exactly sure of what you’re looking for. But luckily for you, the professionals at Burell Built are here to give you a couple of questions that you should keep in mind while shopping.

  • Does the material have the ability to withstand severe weather conditions that are normal in my area?
  • Does this product meet the fire codes of my local area?
  • Does this roofing material require any special installation instructions or maintenance that should be considered?
  • Is the cost of this material within my budget?
  • Is there a warranty that comes with the product?
  • Is there a wide variety of colors and styles available that will help to effectively enhance the overall look of your home?
  • What’s the expected lifespan?
  • Will the weight of the material make specialized framing necessary?

After going through this checklist, you should now have your options narrowed down. This will make the roof replacement process in Knoxville, TN a lot less overwhelming. Our expert roofers at Burell Built are here to walk you through the entire process from start to finish and make sur ethat you are left with the roof that you’ve always wanted. So don’t hesitate to give us a call at (865) 385-6926.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Are you considering a metal roof for your home? Metal roofing is an excellent choice for many reasons, and makes a beautiful alternative to traditional shingle roofs. Check out these top benefits of metal roofing.

Energy Efficiency

benefits of metal roofingLooking for a way to help insulate your home? One of the top benefits of metal roofing is its ability to help control the temperature of your home. Metal is naturally reflective, so it does not absorb heat like a dark, asphalt shingle roof does. This helps keep your attic cooler during hot, sunny days, which can help reduce your energy costs. In the winter, metal roofs help hold in the warmth of your home, reducing escaped heat.


Metal roofing is highly weather resistant, standing up against rain, sun, wind, fire, hail, and more. If you are tired or repairing or replacing your roof, metal is a great choice, often lasting for 50 years or more with proper care. Though it is low maintenance, you should still check for signs of rust or damage regularly.

Unique Style

Once thought appropriate only for barns and warehouses, metal is becoming a very popular residential roofing material. When installed for a home, metal roofing is not loud, so you don’t have to worry about noise during a rainstorm. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, you can even find metal shingle roofs and some resembling tile.

To take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing, call Burell Built Exteriors at (865) 385-6926. We specialize in all kinds of residential roofing, including metal!

What Type of Roof is Best for Your Home?

If you’re shopping for a new roof, you know there are nearly endless options. Plus, there are so many factors to consider: budget, style, durability, and more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let this quick guide help you find out what type of roof is best for your home.

Asphalt Shingles

what type of roof is bestThe most popular and budget-friendly roofing materials are asphalt shingles. Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and price points, there’s an option for everyone. If you want a traditional home that looks great but isn’t too flashy, shingles are perfect. From economical three tab shingles to designer shingles in multiple colors, there are options for various needs.

Cedar Shakes

While there are asphalt shingles designed to resemble cedar shakes, nothing beats the original. Though they do require more maintenance than a shingle roof, they are more energy efficient and eco friendly. If you are able to keep up with proper maintenance, a cedar shake roof will keep your home in classic style for decades to come.


Metal is a premium roofing material and is known for its extreme durability. Standing up against high winds, hail, fire, water, and sun, metal roofs can last 50+ years. They require little maintenance and offer some great energy efficiency benefits.


Slate is another premium roofing material, beautiful and long lasting. If you like the look of slate, it can be a great investment in your home. Slate roofs are designed to last 100+ years! However, a professional roofer will have to make sure your home can support the weight of a slate roof as the tile are very heavy.


Similar to slate, tile roofs are heavy and more costly than other materials. However, they provide unparalleled style and long-lasting elegance. Available in clay, cement, and other materials, tiles add instant curb appeal and require little maintenance.

Still not sure what type of roof is best for your home? Call the expert roofers at Burell Built Exteriors at (865) 385-6926 to learn more about new roof installation in Knoxville, TN or Chattanooga, TN.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Having a dependable roof is vital to keeping your home protected, especially during the cold winter months. If you start seeing these signs of age on your roof, it may be time for a replacement.

clearing off roof shingles

How old is your roof? An asphalt shingle roof will typically last between 20 – 25 years until it starts to degrade and needs a replacement.

What condition are the shingles in? Walking around the perimeter of your home, you can tell straight away if the shingles are worn out if they are torn, dented, or patches are missing all together.

What does the roof structure look like? If you can climb onto the roof, you can tell if the roof structure has aged if it has a spongy or bouncy feel as you walk on it. If you’d rather skip climbing up a ladder, you can check the structure of the roof by looking at it from inside the attic. If you find patches of light showing through or the insulation has moisture in it, then the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Having a roof specialist do a full inspection of your roof will ensure damage or wear and tear does unnoticed. They’ll also be able to recommend whether you need to make some repairs or replace the roof entirely.

Contact Burell Built for quality roof replacements and repairs in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding area. Talk to their team of roofing professionals today by calling (865) 385-6926.



Prepping Your Roof for the Winter

prepping your roof for the winter, iciclesNow that fall is here, you know that winter is on its way, with ice, snow and, cold temps in tow. Now is prime time to start prepping your roof for the winter. Here are a few tips:

  • Inspect and repair: Be sure to have one of our professionals to perform a full and thorough inspection on your roofing system. This will be an opportunity to address any types of problems and rectify them before they become too substantial.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts: This is not a job that anyone likes to have to do, but clean gutters are an integral part to any healthy roofing system. Your gutters allow for excess water from melting snow or rainfall to properly drain away from your roof and the property itself. Once your leaves have finished falling from surrounding trees, be sure to have all debris cleared from your gutters to prevent any type of expensive damage to your roof and siding.
  • Insulate your attic: Without adequate insulation and ventilation, heat can escape through your roof. That heat loss can potentially melt the snow and cause the formation of icicles and ice dams along your roof. This also helps to save money on your heating bill by keeping your home warmer.
  • Trim low hanging branches: If you notice that you have branches hanging over your roof, you should have them trrimmeed immedialy. As snow and ice begins to for, the extra weight begins to weigh them down and can possbily cause them to break, which can end in a disaster.

So save yourself the headache of potential damage and call Burell Built Roofing if you’re needing help with prepping your roof for the winter in Knoxville, Tn. Pick up the phone and dial (865) 385-6926.