Maintaining a Metal Roof: DIY Tips

Cleaning in Autumn

Cleaning Out Your Gutters Prevents Corrosion on Your Roof.

Are you curious how to get the most out of your metal roof? Steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals are renowned for their ability to endure intense weather and corrosion. One of the best parts about metal roofs is that they seldom require extensive repairs. As a matter of fact you can do much of the maintenance yourself. Use these three steps as a guide when maintaining a metal roof.

Step 1: Take a Walk.

Relax, you won’t have to go far. With a pair of binoculars, walk around the edge of your house and inspect your roof. You’ll be looking for debris (such as branches or twigs), smudges, metal chips in the paint coating, and any loose screws. Once you’re finished with your inspection, grab a trash bag, a ladder, and a sponge.

Step 2: Take out the Trash.

Debris can accelerate natural corrosion on your roof’s paint. When cleaning out the debris, be sure to also empty your gutters as well. If you find any metal chips stuck in your roof’s coating, carefully remove them if you can. Once you’ve cleaned off the debris, you’ll be able to safely manage any additional touch ups your roof needs.

Step 3: Perform Final Touch Ups

For any smudges you find, you can apply Formula 409 (or any comparable solution) and wipe them off with a gentle sponge. If you spotted any metal chips or scratches earlier, make sure to do touch ups with a paint brush, instead of a sprayer. Your manufacturer can help you find the paint that’s right for your particular metal.

That’s it; you’re done! Maintaining a metal roof doesn’t have to be hard. With just two simple DIY inspections every year, you can ensure that your roof reaches its maximum lifetime potential. For more information about metal roofs, give us a call at865-238-2628.