Three Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

At Burell Built Exteriors, Our Expert Team Can Inspect Your Roof for Repair Needs.

Commercial roofs represent a significant investment. To receive the most value for your money, you will need to pay attention to your roof’s repair needs. Though generally durable, all commercial roofs will need service at some point. Pay attention to the following signs, and contact your local roofer for commercial roof repair.

Moisture Issues

The primary purpose of any roof is to guard your structure against water. If you have begun to have a problem with leaks, then you definitely need commercial roof repair. Leaks can do substantial damage to a business, especially if not repaired quickly. Leaks will most likely occur at seams or flashing, so pay attention to those areas for signs of damage.


A moisture issue that deserves special mention is ponding. This phenomenon occurs when a flat roof cannot properly drain water from its surface. Ponded water will damage your roof’s seams and cause sagging. The situation will worsen with every storm, as water will gravitate to the sagged area previously created.

High Energy Bills

Most commercial roofing materials reflect an adequate amount of sunlight to lower the internal temperature of your structure. Roofs will lose this reflectivity over time, however. When this occurs, you will notice a distinct rise in your energy bills, Your air conditioner will need to work harder to regulate your structure’s temperature, which will shorten its life and lead to more repairs. To restore your roof’s reflectivity without full replacement, ask your local roofer about roof coatings.

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