How Do You Know If Your Roof Is Leaking?

Peeling or bubbling ceiling paint indicates your roof may be leaking.

Signs of a roof leak

Leaking roofs can be a serious problem for homeowners, but it’s not always easy to tell if your roof is leaking. Leaking roofs may not be as obvious as a drip from the ceiling.

To know for sure if you have a leaking roof, below are some signs you can look for.

  • Water stains: If you see dark stains, discoloration or peeling paint on your ceiling, it is likely you have a leaking roof.
  • Drips: Drips from the ceiling are obvious signs of leaking roofs. Moisture build ups on the ceiling or walls could be a sign of a roof leak. Drips, even if they go away, should never be ignored.
  • Spots on exterior walls: If you notice water spots on your exterior walls, especially underneath the roof line, you may have a leak. Often such water spots indicate a problem with flashing.
  • Moss or mold on exterior walls: Moss or mold growing on outside walls may indicate a roof leak, usually caused by damage to gutters and downspouts.
  • Missing shingles or debris in gutter downspouts: If you spot missing shingles,it’s possible water is getting inside the home where the shingle is missing. Debris like granules from shingles indicates your shingles are wearing and may be allowing water inside your home.

Is a roof leak an emergency?

Leaking roofs do not necessarily pose an emergency, although roof leaks should not be ignored for long. However, if you have a sudden leak break loose, especially following a heavy rainfall or storm or caused by hail damage, you need to get that leak repaired as soon as possible. Leaks that come on swiftly may saturate the drywall and cause it to crumble.

Roof emergency calls

If you have a leaking roof or need any kind of emergency roofing in Louisville and Chattanooga, TN, be sure to contact the roofing professionals at Burell Built Roofing, LLC. We answer emergency calls 24/7, so give us a call anytime at 865-238-2628.

In the same way you should tend to roof leaks quickly, you also need to make any repairs in your gas line as quickly as possible. Gas line leaks can be dangerous and require immediate attention.

Roof leak emergency what to do

If you have a roof leak emergency, there are steps you can take to protect your roof and home from more damage before professional roofers get there for repairs.

The leak may not be obvious at first, as the water may be pooling in the attic or ceiling before it finds a place to burst through. If you notice your ceiling is holding water or there is a bulge in the drywall, you can poke a small hole in the center of the bulge with a screwdriver to drain the water in that spot. This lessens the damage to the ceiling and forms it into one stream. Collect the water in a large trash container rather than buckets or pans, so the container can be hauled outside for disposal.

You may want to remove or cover any items that can be damaged by the leaking roof once you’ve gotten the leak contained to one area.  You can follow up by searching for the source of the leak inside the house. Often the best place to start is in the attic. You can usually trace the source along rafters or along the roof deck.

Emergency Roof Help

If you have an emergency roof leak or need any help with any emergency roof repairs in Louisville and Chattanooga, TN , know you can depend on the professionals at Burell Built Roofing, LLC. We will get out to you as soon as possible.

Emergency roof tarp

Once the rain lets up, you may want to search for the leak on the roof and place an emergency roof tarp over the area to prevent further leaking until your roofer arrives to help. Make sure to cut the plastic so that it fully covers the damaged areas. As a good rule, measure out the tarp an extra 4 feet or so to make sure the area is covered completely.  The tarp should over the ridge line and the eaves. Use 2-by-4s to hold the tarp down. If you use staples or nails, make sure not to use ones that are so large they will penetrate the roof.

How to do emergency roof repairs

One of the best options for emergency roof repairs is placing a tarp over the area affected. This should be done once any rain clears. The tarp can help prevent any further damage until a roofing professional can arrive to make the repairs.

Loose or damaged shingles can be repaired as a temporary fix to a roof leak.

How do I temporarily fix a leaky roof?

If you have a leaking roof, besides tarping it over until help arrives there are a few other options you may want to take for temporary repairs. You can readhere loose or curling shingles. You can straighten curling shingles by softening them with a heat gun and reapplying them with roofing cement. Loose shingles can be slid back under the bottom edge of the row above it. Secure the loose shingle with galvanized nails and cover the nails with roofing cement. Roofing cement can also be applied to cracked or worn joints at the edge of flashing. Always take care when working on the rooftop.

Who do I call for a leaky roof?

While you may make some temporary repairs like fixing loose shingles or placing a tarp over your roof, when you have a leaking roof, you can rely on the roofing professionals at Burell Built Roofing, LLC for quality roof leak repairs.

What damage can a leaking roof cause?

Leaking roofs can cause all sorts of problems for your home if they go unrepaired for too long. Your attic and ceiling are usually the primary areas to suffer from a leaking roof. Insulation can get water damaged, your roof’s framework can deteriorate.  Damaged insulation can affect your home’s energy efficiency. Paint on ceilings and walls can bubble and crack and stains can form. Any ceiling-mounted lights or fans can also be damaged.

Another risk of roof leaks is mold and mildew. Mold can affect your health and spread throughout the home’s structure, weakening it. Water damage can create fire hazards, especially in areas like the attic where wiring may be exposed.

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