Is It Time For New Insulation?


Insulation Plays a Vital Role in Home Comfort and Roof Defense.

A key part of any home, many people do not think about their roof and attic insulation after it has initially been installed. However, these parts of your home play a critical role in keeping your home safe from damage and comfort issues. Over time, it may break down and become worn, leading to failure and other problems for your home. Keeping this system at its best can prevent damage to your property. Not sure if you need insulation replacement? Keep an eye out for the following signs.

Signs You Need New Insulation

  1. High Energy Bills – Your insulation helps your home control how it maintains your home comfort. If your insulation has worn, it can allow external heat or cold to seep into the home and make your heater or air conditioner work harder, raising energy consumption.
  2. A Consistent Draft – Poorly installed or broken down insulation allows the outdoor temperature to invade your home, preventing your property from being comfortable. If your home is chilly even when your windows and doors are close, you may need replacement.
  3. Roof Leak Occurs – While your insulation can prevent water from damaging your home structure, it can also be damaged by water. The moisture retained can allow mold, mildew, and algae to grow, harming your home and possible affecting your health.
  4. Critters In The Attic – Have you seen bugs or pests in your home’s attic? These creatures may tear apart your insulation to not only enter your home, but use it as a nesting material. Replacement can refortify your roof and restore protection.

Have you noticed these signs in your home? When it is time for roof insulation replacement for your home in Louisville and Chattanooga, TN, Burell Built Roofing, LLC is proud to provide you with quality service for your needs. Call us today at 865-238-2628 to speak with our expert roofers about your needs.