What is Duro-Last Roofing?


Duro-Last PVC Roofing is Available in Both Material Rolls and Prefabricated Units.

There are single ply membranes on the market with the outstanding protective capabilities and impressive warranty like Duro-Last! In general, PVC offers fantastic protection for a very modest price, with features like enhanced light reflection and weather resistance. Duro-Last takes it a step further however, providing smart business owners with a single ply system meant to last over 30 years! That’s uncommonly high for the single ply roofing market, but perhaps not surprising for one of  “the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated, thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems“.

Duro-Last vs TPO Roofing

TPO roofing has a large following, namely because of its flexibility, capable protection, and energy efficiency. With Duro-Last, many of these abilities are magnified on an even greater scale. Some of this comes from the fact that this top roofing company is able to manufacture custom prefabrication reduces the number of seams by up to 85%. Fewer seams allows for a faster installation process and reduces the potential for leaks as well. This means this PVC roofing also comes lower labor costs over time. You can find detailed specifications information on the Duro-Last website.

Duro-Last Warranties

Few single ply roofing systems can compete with this PVC membrane’s incredible warranties. Duro-Last offers a 15 year warranty (with consequential damages included), but the company also provides 25 and 30 year option warranties. That’s three decades of warrantied protection! These warranties are only available for new construction and “tear-off projects with approved roof decks.” Installation methods include mechanical locking, induction welding, and adhering. All you need to be approved for the warranty is a qualifying roofing contractor, such as Burell Built Roofing, LLC, to provide the installation. As part of the warranty, a Duro-Last Quality Assurance Technical Representative will examine the commercial system to ensure proper installation.

Commercial Roofing Installations

There are numerous types of single ply membrane roofing products available on the commercial market today. Few of them can compare with Duro-Last’s PVC membrane. It offers incredible energy-efficiency (qualifying for LEED credit) and highly capable tear resistance. If your business is interested in learning more about this fantastic roofing product, feel free to speak with a member of our experienced roofing team at Burell Built Roofing, LLC. Give us a call at 865-238-2628!