Minimizing Energy Costs in Your Home

Throughout the year, you spend hundreds on energy costs. But your home can be more energy efficient with minimal work. In fact, changing only a few things around your home can save you up to 20 percent on your energy bills. Whether you want lower bills or you’re looking for more environmentally friendly energy use, these quick, affordable tips can help you save on energy in your home.

Save on Energy in Your Home

By Making Just a Few Changes, YOur Home Can Drastically Improve Its Energy Efficiency.

How Can I Save on Energy Costs in My Home?

High energy costs within your home are usually due to drafts and poor insulation and seals. This can be easily solved by running weather stripping around window and door openings. Your roof, HVAC system, and plumbing can also drain energy from your home.

  • Roofing Maintenance and Material Selection: Regular roof maintenance can help minimize damages that cause room for air leaks. These inspections can also identify damaged material that should be replaced in order to create the proper protection for your home. Replacing standard shingles with a more energy efficient material such as Atlas and Petersen metal roofing provides unbeatable UV protection for any rooftop. This material is durable, UV resistant, and low maintenance.
  • Appliance Maintenance: Ensuring your water heater and plumbing appliances are effectively working can save run-time which minimizes energy use. Thee systems can quickly drain energy by continuously running or running too frequently. Proper maintenance and care of your plumbing pumps and other appliances can help minimize the energy your home uses.
  • HVAC Control & Window Care: Heating and AC systems are considered one of the top ways a home can potentially lose energy. When these systems come on too often, they quickly use energy, driving up your home’s bills. Ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed and in good order can help keep conditioned air inside your home, relieving your HVAC unit’s workload and allowing you to save on energy costs. Proper HVAC maintenance is also crucial for a properly working system.

Your Roofing Experts

No matter where you live and what type of energy your home uses, there are multiple ways to minimize the cost. For more ideas on how to save on energy, or to begin your energy saving roof project, call the Burell Built Roofing, LLC experts at 865-238-2628.