Prepping Your Roof for the Winter

prepping your roof for the winter, iciclesNow that fall is here, you know that winter is on its way, with ice, snow and, cold temps in tow. Now is prime time to start prepping your roof for the winter. Here are a few tips:

  • Inspect and repair: Be sure to have one of our professionals to perform a full and thorough inspection on your roofing system. This will be an opportunity to address any types of problems and rectify them before they become too substantial.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts: This is not a job that anyone likes to have to do, but clean gutters are an integral part to any healthy roofing system. Your gutters allow for excess water from melting snow or rainfall to properly drain away from your roof and the property itself. Once your leaves have finished falling from surrounding trees, be sure to have all debris cleared from your gutters to prevent any type of expensive damage to your roof and siding.
  • Insulate your attic: Without adequate insulation and ventilation, heat can escape through your roof. That heat loss can potentially melt the snow and cause the formation of icicles and ice dams along your roof. This also helps to save money on your heating bill by keeping your home warmer.
  • Trim low hanging branches: If you notice that you have branches hanging over your roof, you should have them trrimmeed immedialy. As snow and ice begins to for, the extra weight begins to weigh them down and can possbily cause them to break, which can end in a disaster.

So save yourself the headache of potential damage and call Burell Built Roofing if you’re needing help with prepping your roof for the winter in Knoxville, Tn. Pick up the phone and dial 865-238-2628.