Will Solar Panel Roofing Lower My Electric Bill?

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Choosing Solar Panel Roofing

Who isn’t interested in reducing their energy bills these days? Well, probably the homeowners that have solar panel roofing aren’t too concerned. You may be asking “why is solar cheaper than electric”. After the initial expense of having solar panel roofing installed, yes! Solar-powered energy is much less expensive than electric power. And with the continued rising cost of electricity, solar power is looking to be cheaper! 

How do solar panels reduce electricity usage?

After that initial expense, solar panel roofing acquires the sun’s energy and turns it into energy that you can use in your home – for free!  These panels installed on the roof are generating power to run your air conditioning, watch television, use your computer, hair dryer, and all things electrical. 

Not only are minimizing how much that electric meter on the side of your house is spinning, but you are also building up more electrical power to use the next day, and you’re making energy that you can sell back to the power company! 

How does solar power reduce your electricity bill?

It is that upfront expense of having solar panel roofing installed that makes homeowners wary of joining the solar power movement. But this is one home improvement project that will give your home ongoing, long-term energy efficiency. There are other benefits of solar panels to be enjoyed too, so let’s recap those benefits: 

Saving Money

We have stated this already, but worth stating it over again, having solar panel roofing installed saves you money on utilities. Many homeowners say they have seen a 50% drop in their electric bill, because their home is getting powered by the sun through their solar panels. What happens those cloudy days or at night though? Your home is still hooked up to the local power grid and that is the only power you’ll pay for. 

No Maintenance 

With solar panel roofing, there aren’t those unexpected issues and expenses that occur when you’re on the electrical power grid. Solar panels come with extensive warranties and when there is a problem, they take ownership and make any needed repairs. When there is an issue with the electric company that causes you damage, the utility companies do not take any ownership other than getting the power restored. 

Tax Credit

The government encourages us to go with solar panel roofing and in many areas, homeowners are given tax credits for having this environmentally conscious home improvement installed. Some local municipalities will give you tax credit and the federal gives tax credit too.  

Electric Power Costs

You’ve already noticed that your electrical bill is higher now than it was this time last year. And it will continue to increase every year, even if just a fraction of a penny per KWh, it will increase, just as natural gas and other means of power – except solar power! With solar panel roofing, your monthly expenses will not increase! 

Do solar panels power your house?

Any homeowner that is considering solar panel roofing will always ask, “Is solar power energy really able to power my entire house?” And solar panel roofing experts will reassure them, yes, your entire home can be powered by having solar panel roofing installed! 

However, there are some variances that need to be taken into consideration, like power output levels of the panels and how many solar panels your home need for your family’s energy use. Any solar panel roofing expert will review these things with you, ask questions about your electrical uses, and then make recommendations for the number of panels and the placement of the panels. 

No two homes are exact in their energy use, so the number of panels installed will be different. The placement and the angle of the panels will vary too so that you’re getting the most benefit from the sun’s energy possible. 

Do solar panels reduce the heat load on a roof?

The numbers vary from house to house, city to city, state to state, but most homeowners that have gone with a solar panel roofing install have found their roof is cooler by as much as 5 degrees, some even more. The solar panels are absorbing the sun’s UV rays before they get to the roof, so the roof isn’t getting heated up. Think of solar panel roofing as an umbrella for your roof! 

How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

Again, no two homes are the same, so the number of panels needed to give you the most benefit of the sun’s energy can be different than your neighbors. On average, 1500 square foot home typically needs between 15 and 20 solar panels. This isn’t a standard rule, just an average.  Your home may need more. Your home may need less. Your solar panel roofing expert will review this with you during the initial interview. 

What is the lifespan of a solar panel?

Solar panel roofing has been manufactured since the 1980s, and the ones that are still installed, are still powering up homes! So, you can expect your solar panel roofing, aka photovoltaic panels, to power your home for over 25 years! 

worker installing solar panels on a roof

At The End of the Month, Dollar for Dollar

Can you claim solar panels on your taxes? As we mentioned earlier, yes, there are tax credits to be taken when you have solar panel roofing installed! Some local government entities will give you tax credit and the federal government will give you a 26% reduction in your federal taxes with the ITC (investment tax credit). This is referred to as the federal solar tax credit and is available to commercial property owners and homeowners!