What Energy Efficiency Rating Is My House

White Metal Roof

Light Colored Metal Roofing Can Help Your Energy Efficiency.

Trying to be energy efficient can seem exhausting. You can unplug appliances, turn off lights, and close your shutters, but what does that really do for you long term? If you really want to be more energy efficient, there are changes that can be made to your home. Changes like, getting a new roof or putting solar panels on your home. These are sustainable ways that don’t require you to think about anything other than the lower energy bill you will be getting in the mail once a month. Making sure that you know the different energy efficient appliances to give yourself an energy efficiency home crash course is the best way to figure out what will work for you and your budget. Energy efficiency is generally defined as the way in which one would lower their energy usage and find out what works best in their home to help conserve energy. Many people do this for environmental reasons, but the biggest reason of all is to save money. The terms energy efficiency vs energy conservation are always used interchangeably, but they do mean slightly different things. To conserve energy means that you are trying to keep it saved and managed. To be energy efficient is to still use energy but use it in the most useful and effective way possible. Both are doing the same things and are trying to save you money.

Energy Efficiency Tips For Winter

There are a few different ways to be energy efficient during the winter. One of the best ways is to get roof insulation put in. This will help keep the heat inside of your home and not let the outside cold affect the temperature inside of the house. If you have a gas furnace, turn it off or only use it when it is fully necessary. Gas is great, but if you are trying to save money flip it off. If you have the option of a wood burning fireplace, that can be a great option to utilize. Make sure that you are opening your curtains and letting the light into your house on those cold days. Keeping the shutters closed will actually keep your home cooler. The less gas or electricity that is used, the better, so be conscious of your choices throughout the day.

Questions About Energy Efficiency

Why is energy efficiency important?

There are so many reasons why energy efficiency is important and should be to you as well. It will save you a lot of money in the long run to make sure that you are being careful about how much energy you are using. It will also increase your overall comfort because you will remain at a constant temperature in your home. Things like wall insulation is something that will help tremendously with that. The biggest reason that energy efficiency is important is because it will save you money on your energy bill every single month.

What are the benefits of energy efficiency?

The biggest benefit that you will actually see for yourself will be that your energy bill will be lower than it is currently. When you start to take out the things in your life that will take energy out of your home, you will see a difference in the way the air is and present a cleaner more non toxic home. You will also be reducing greenhouse gases and helping the Earth become a cleaner and better place.

How can we improve energy efficiency?

We can start improving energy efficiency in many different ways. Talking to a contractor about putting on a special roof or even solar panels is a great way to help keep the sun’s harmful uv rays off of your home and turn it into energy that can be used. There are big and small things that we can do to help get the most out of the energy that we are using and it is important to look for different ways that we can keep our bills lower and also do better for the environment.

Tips For Energy Efficiency

  • Using a low flow shower head
  • Insulated walls
  • Insulated roof
  • Light Colored roofing system
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Turning off lights
  • Thicker curtains with lining

There are so many different ways that you can save energy around your home. Nothing is too big or too small, you just need to start somewhere so that you are able to save money wherever you can. At Burell Built Roofing, LLC, we can help you save money on your roofing system and make it energy efficient if that is your goal. Call us at 865-238-2628 and we can go over everything together and see what would work best for you. Our professionals have been doing this for a long time and will be able to see what you want and then come up with a quote so that we can get started. Making your home more energy efficient is something that you will never regret doing.